One 2019 Regionals performance was chosen to represent each state of the United States in the StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. 2019 Competition! Each week, three states will compete against each other on Facebook and Instagram to be StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. 2019 Week Winner. In November, all of the Viral Video U.S. Week Winners will […]

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Choosing the right costume is important for the overall atmosphere of the piece. The main goal of a costume is to support the piece’s intention and move the story forward. Picking garments that are aesthetically pleasing, stylized to the piece and flattering to the performer, can be tricky. Here are some great tips to get […]

Concierge Team

Our studios and dancers are family to us and we strive to take care of them every day of the year. That is where our Concierge Team steps in! Come behind the scenes with us as we talk to Becky, our Head Concierge.   What does the concierge team do? The concierge team focuses on […]

Savion Glover

Savion Glover is known for “hitting” the nail on the head with the art of modern tap dancing! His unique pounding style of dance turned heads and brought the attention straight to his amazing moves. He has captivated audiences and aspired youths and minorities to participate in the immersive art!   A Young Artist Born […]


Dance is unique in that it’s one of the only things you can call both an art and a sport. Here are a few reasons why! It’s Physical Exertion Before we can go ahead and say that dance is an art and a sport, let’s clarify the definitions of “art” and “sport”. According to the […]

Deborah Jowitt

World-known dance lover and critic, Deborah Jowitt began her impressive career on the same floor most dancers know and love. With works published in prestigious papers like the New York Timesand Village Voice, Jowitt has taken her vast knowledge and constructive criticism on dance to create a strong impact in both the journalism and dance […]

Ted Shawn

Regarded as being a pioneer for male dance and the social acceptance of men as performers, Ted Shawn has left behind a legacy as the leader of one of the most well-known all-male dance companies. Along with his prestigious dance school and creation of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Shawn has made his mark on the […]

Ballet Companies

This one goes out to all of the ballet fanatics! Known as one of the most elegant forms of dance, ballet has obtained roots across the globe while creating a legendary impact on the dance industry. Here are a few of the top companies in the world of classical ballet.   1. The Paris Opera […]

The New Season

One of the greatest takeaways from your competition season are the critiques and feedback given to you from the Judges. Do you ever find yourself wondering what our Judges think from behind the desk? Introducing our #FromTheSQJudgesChair Blog, where our Judges share their thoughts on the industry with you. To start us off, Marissa Staniec […]


StarQuest is not just made up of the staff you see on-site at our competitions. We have a full team who devotes their lives to making sure that your experience truly is the real award. Introducing our #SQBehindTheScenes blog, where we take you behind the scenes to see who is behind each and every StarQuest […]

Doris Humphrey

Highly regarded as an innovator into the technical aspects of modern dance, Doris Humphrey holds the title of a woman trailblazer in the dance industry. Her approach to choreography along with her theories of dance movement have contributed greatly to the techniques that are still seen today in modern dances across America and the globe. […]