One 2018 Regionals performance was chosen to represent each state of the United States in the StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. Competition! Each week, three states will compete against each other on Facebook and Instagram to be StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. Week Winner. In November, all of the Viral Video U.S. Week Winners will compete to win […]

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Nicola Adams

Our #WomanOfInterest may not be a dancer on-stage, but she is a dancer in the ring. Nicola Adams made boxing history in the 2012 London Olympics. She is an inspiration to any young girl hoping to achieve their dreams!   Round 1 Nicola “The Lioness” Adams was born in Leeds in the UK on October […]

shannon hacking

Usually when we think of people making a difference, we tend to picture an older person. However, Shannon Harkins redefines that notion. She is a wonderful reminder that hard work and determination can turn dreams into a reality. That’s why we chose her for this week’s #DancerDose.   Nurturing A Gift At the tender age […]

Dancing Through The Decades

As we get closer and closer to the next decade, we can only help but wonder what iconic dance is going to come from this current decade. The past 10 decades have given us such staples in the current dance world. Let’s take a look at the iconic dance genres we’ve adopted!   1920s: Swing […]

Haley Fish

Many of our dancers dream of being a Broadway performer. This dancer didn’t let anything stop her. Now, Haley Fish is living the dream on the Great White Way! Let’s see what she has been up to since competing on the StarQuest stage!   Born A Dancer Born in Lexington, KY, Haley Fish is no […]

Marlee Matlin

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t do something? Well, our #WomanOfInterest had the universe telling her that, but instead, she worked hard to overcome everything the world threw at her. Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin is a pioneer for the deaf community and an inspiration to us all!   Early Life Marlee Matlin was […]

Ingrid Silva

For so long, ballerinas had just one look. But today’s ballerinas are daring to be unique, different and most of all, themselves. This week’s #DancerDose is not afraid to be herself, Afro and all. Ingrid Silva represents the modern-day ballerina.     Early Life Ingrid Silva was born on November 24, 1988 in Rio de […]

Train Like A Broadway Star

After reading David Sheward’s article “What It Takes to Train a Broadway Star”, there is a lot of a dancer can take away to prepare for Broadway auditions. Here is what we found to be the MOST important for you to have your name in lights in Time Square:   Work on your unique skills! […]

Stage Fright Dance

You want to be the best you can be when getting on stage, but sometimes stage fright can hold you back. Here are 10 tips from Janet Esposito, MSW, quoted from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, you can use to help overcome your fear:     Shift the focus from yourself and your […]

Gregory Hines

This week’s #DancerDose proves to the world that a dancer does not have to be limited to just one performance avenue. Gregory Hines’ gift made room for him to not only perform on stage but to reach the masses through television, the big screen, albums, and books.   Gregory, the Prodigy On Valentine’s Day in […]

Jahra Wasasala

Meet Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala: contemporary dancer, choreographer, poet, and this week’s #WomanOfInterest. Of New Zealand-Fijian origins, this multi-disciplinary artist fuses contemporary dance with live poetry and other unique artistic mediums. She utilizes art as a means to start a conversation. Wasasala, though not yet 30, has already begun to make her mark on the local and […]