One dance is chosen at each StarQuest Regional 2019 Event as the Viral Video of the Event! All of the nominees from each weekend will compete against each other on Facebook and Instagram to be Viral Video of the Week. At the end of the season, the Viral Video of the Week winners will […]

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Vilia Putrius

Our #WomanOfInterest has made a career any young ballerina would dream of. After dancing professionally for 21 years, Vilia Putrius made the hard choice to retire from the stage. However, she is definitely not retiring from dance.   Life Is A Circus Vilia Putrius was born in Lithuania in 1977. Her parents worked in a […]

Anna Pavlova

Russian Prima Ballerina, Anna Pavlova, is one of the most famous figures in ballet. Our #DancerDose this week is most recognized for her creation of the role “The Dying Swan,” while also becoming the first ballerina to tour ballet around the world. Pavlova has made a lasting effect on the world of dance.   An […]

Dance Books

All dancers have a thirst for knowledge of the art of dance. It drives a dancer to continuously seek more from their craft. What better way to learn about dance than to use novels as a resource for inspiration, education, and entertainment? Here are 5 great books for dancers who are eager to learn more. […]

Charlize Theron

You may know her for her film roles. However, our #WomanOfInterest this week is more than just a starring Actress. Charlize Theron started her career as a ballet dancer in South Africa. Now, she not only has won multiple awards as an actress, but she fights for women and children around the world.   Growing […]

Les Twins

Known professionally as the Les Twins, Laurent & Larry Bourgeois are French self-taught dancers, producers, and choreographers. As the 2017 World Of Dance winners, the Twins made a name for themselves while working alongside some of the most famous artists in the entertainment industry.   Early Life Laurent & Larry Bourgeois were born on December […]


Whether you’re kicking the soccer ball on the field or shooting hoops on the basketball court, dance is an effective way to perfect one’s athleticism. It allows for creative expression and different interpretations of physical activity, while strengthening the athlete.   Boosting Endurance When playing on the field, an athlete must maintain a certain level […]

Beth Comeau

When you take your family to the doctor, you want your doctor to be focused, warm, and passionate. Well, Beth Comeau checks all of these boxes, but where did she get these traits from? If you ask her, it comes from her dance background! Here is how she went from classical ballet dancer to esteemed […]

Amanda LaCount

If you attended the 2010 Denver StarQuest Competition, you’d have witnessed a bubbly petite dance taking the stage. Who knew that this passionate dancer would turn-out to be a Star “#breakingthesterotype” of dancers’ bodies! Amanda LaCount is only 17 but she is set to make waves in the dance industry. A Star From The Start […]

Gene Kelly

American film, stage, and television actor/dancer Gene Kelly has been remembered through the decades as an enigmatic and athletic performer. Kelly’s innovations transformed the Hollywood musicals, making the ballet form commercially acceptable from the stage to the screen.   Early Life Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1912 to an Irish Canadian family. At […]

Traditional Folk Dances

Cultural dance as an art form allows other parts of the globe to better understand a country, it’s people, and their values. Each country has its own styles of folk dancing that showcase and respect the origins of the culture and their people while emphasizing the importance of traditions and norms. Here are 5 Traditional […]